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Round 1 recap

Round 1 recap:

June 4 – load
June 5 – load +1.1
June 6 – +2.8
June 7 -1.3
June 8 -3.1
June 9 -1.5
June 10 -.7
June 11 -1.5
June 12 -.7
June 13 -1.1
June 14 -.2
June 15 -1.3
June 16 -0
June 17 -.4
June 18 -.9 my birthday, I had 1/2 glass of red wine
June 19 -0
June 20 -1.8 starting measuring body fat %
June 21 -.4
June 22 -1.3
June 23 -0
June 24 -.9
June 25 -.2 tried a boneless pork chop (did not work out well)
June 26 -0
June 27 -0 .6% less body fat in a week
June 28 -.7
June 29 +.4
June 30 -.7
July 1 -.7 TOM
July 2 -.2 TOM
July 3 -.4 TOM
July 4 -.2 TOM
July 5 -.5
July 6 +.4 1.4% body fat lost since June 20
July 7 +.3
July 8 -1.3 last day of drops
July 9 -.9

Total: pounds lost 22.2; inches lost 29

I will be moving to phase 3 in a couple of days. I ended up doing 35 days of drops. I am stopping only because I ran out of drops and it seems silly to open a new bottle for less than a week. The scale seemed stuck since July 2 and is just now moving again, so I am very tempted to open that bottle. But I have been adding back in a little fat to my diet to get the scale moving so I think that is a clue to go ahead and move to phase 3.

HCG Adventures

Day 22 – I am down 17.3 pounds and 17.5 inches. I feel amazing, way more energy than I have had in years. Last night we went to a movie which we never do. I realized in trying to find something to do last night how going out to eat had become our idea of “going out”. We have very busy schedules so there are a lot of ball games, parties and work functions on the calendar but when it’s just the two of us we have always gone out to dinner. That not being an option I was willing to do left us with a challenge. Not to mention that the additional energy I have makes me actually want to do something besides sit in front of my computer. How about anyone else?

On another note, I have not lost a pound in 2 days. Learn from my mistakes please. I cannot leave well enough alone, as you all well know. So I decided to try a lean boneless pork chop 2 days ago. I do not recommend it. I have been feeling bloated since. Not sure if it was that but nothing else changed in my diet.

HCG Adventures

So it has been 2 weeks. I am down 15 pounds and 12 inches. Admittedly the food is a bit boring but seeing that scale moving downward daily does a lot to keep me motivated and on track. I’m still not hungry so the food isn’t really an issue. I am having a hard time drinking the water even though I am thirsty. This makes no sense, I am aware. I find I lose about double when I drink my water.

People keep telling me that it is all water weight. Well, I’ve been dieting for 20 years now so besides the fact that I am in fact a “real doctor” I know a thing or two about weight loss (and weight gain). I have kept track through the years of various personal statistics and this one you may find interesting. I weighed the same as I do today on June 9, 2010. It took me from April 7th to achieve that number and by July 21 I was back up 5 pounds. But that isn’t the part I thought you would find interesting. In 2010 at the same weight my body fat percentage was 45.8 this morning it is 43.9.

HCG Adventures

Down 10.1 pounds total this morning. The weight loss was minimal today (.2 pounds) but I drank next to no water yesterday. So, going to do better on that today and see what happens.

I find that this diet works optimally if you cook and eat at home. You have control of the ingredients and how it is cooked. In a restaurant, who knows what your chicken was injected with, sprayed with or cooked in. BUT we live in a fast paced world and sometimes you have little choice. For instance, my sister is doing the diet and had to be away all weekend for her son’s baseball tournament in another city. My advice was to order a Caesar salad with a grilled chicken breast without cheese or croutons and the dressing on the side. You pretty much get a big plate of romaine lettuce. Perfect. She also discovered that Subway has a spinach salad with grilled chicken that works well!

Sauteed spinach

4 Tablespoons chicken broth (making it yourself is best so you can control the fat content)
1 clove minced garlic

Add spinach. When done, a “squirt of lemon juice,” a little salt/pepper.

HCG Adventures

8.1 pounds gone in 5 days. It really is unbelievable. The diet is restrictive but incredibly easy. I find it almost a relief not to have a plan a bunch of things or do more than throw a piece of chicken on the george foreman. I am not hungry, often even at meal times. I did notice that when you don’t drink enough water your loss slows as with any other diet. Yesterday I “only” lost .7 pounds but I got all my water in and today I am back to losing 1.5 pounds. Oh and did I mention I am not doing any kind of exercise?

HCG adventures

Today I decide to go to a meeting about the diet with a local distributor before I completely give up. I’m glad I did. Turns out what I got from GNC has no actual HCG in it. It is just an appetite suppressant. I know what your thinking, because I was thinking it too. They just want me to buy their brand of more expensive drops.

I think about my friends success and the fact that I know he wouldn’t have stuck it out if he was this hungry, so I give it a shot. I sit through her spiel and buy the program and start over.

First 2 days are gorge days, again that goes very well.

There really couldn’t have been any HCG in that first bottle because my experience was so different this time.

First day of the low calorie diet, no problem, no hunger and no headaches. Really very easy. I am not nice to be around when I am hungry, I know this. So it means a lot that no one even knew I was dieting. So yeah, not just me.

Today is day two of the low calorie diet and guess what? No, I’m not hungry but I did forget the drops at home and I am working an hour away. I emailed my support person she said don’t worry you will be fine. And it’s 2:30pm and I really am fine. I ate my allotted lunch. Still no excessive hunger and no headache! I will keep you posted…

HCG adventures

So the first 2 days are “gorge days”. That went really well. Then comes day 1 of the low calorie diet.

10am and I am starving. I eat an apple. Okay, good for 8 minutes. I wait until 11 am and eat my lunch. Still hungry. 1 pm eat another apple. Oh good now I’m hungry and have a HUGE headache. I start thinking….. yeah this is not gonna work for me. 4pm eat dinner. I somehow make it through the night with lots of iced tea and I go to bed hungry. Not loving it at all.

HCG adventures

Several months ago my sister approached me asking what I thought of the hcg diet. I gave it some cursary research and told her no way.

Then a few weeks ago I saw a friend who lives in another state and he looked GREAT. He had been doing the HCG diet and loved it. I have known him for over 10 years and his lack of will power to pass a bakery without going in is legendary, so I was intrigued.

I did a bit more research, read the information my friend sent me and contacted the person he gets his drops from. She helped me understand a bit more about the process and agreed to ship me the drops.

Being who I am, I went directly to the local GNC and bough HCG drops off the shelf because I wanted to start immediately.  There is a little booklet inside the box with instructions so I’m all set! (you see where this is headed, right?)

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