One-Arm Leaning Lateral Raises

Get Set: Grab onto a bench or other stable structure and lean away toward the working arm. Hold that position throughout the set.

Work: Lift the dumbbell up slightly higher than your shoulders with a slight bend in the elbow. Lower the weight slowly and repeat.

Tip: To get the most from this exercise, don’t let momentum take over. Perform this exercise in a slow, controlled motion, starting each rep from a dead stop rather than swinging the weight.

A leaning lateral raise gives you a little more range of motion to work and isolate your middle deltoid.

DON’T SHRUG. When performing shoulder presses or raises, it’s easy to tense your traps and neck. Doing so takes the tension out of the deltoid and can strain the neck in the process.
DON’T SWING. Avoid swinging the weight when performing raises. Instead, move the weights in a strong, but controlled movement.

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