HCG Adventures

Down 10.1 pounds total this morning. The weight loss was minimal today (.2 pounds) but I drank next to no water yesterday. So, going to do better on that today and see what happens.

I find that this diet works optimally if you cook and eat at home. You have control of the ingredients and how it is cooked. In a restaurant, who knows what your chicken was injected with, sprayed with or cooked in. BUT we live in a fast paced world and sometimes you have little choice. For instance, my sister is doing the diet and had to be away all weekend for her son’s baseball tournament in another city. My advice was to order a Caesar salad with a grilled chicken breast without cheese or croutons and the dressing on the side. You pretty much get a big plate of romaine lettuce. Perfect. She also discovered that Subway has a spinach salad with grilled chicken that works well!

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