HCG adventures

Today I decide to go to a meeting about the diet with a local distributor before I completely give up. I’m glad I did. Turns out what I got from GNC has no actual HCG in it. It is just an appetite suppressant. I know what your thinking, because I was thinking it too. They just want me to buy their brand of more expensive drops.

I think about my friends success and the fact that I know he wouldn’t have stuck it out if he was this hungry, so I give it a shot. I sit through her spiel and buy the program and start over.

First 2 days are gorge days, again that goes very well.

There really couldn’t have been any HCG in that first bottle because my experience was so different this time.

First day of the low calorie diet, no problem, no hunger and no headaches. Really very easy. I am not nice to be around when I am hungry, I know this. So it means a lot that no one even knew I was dieting. So yeah, not just me.

Today is day two of the low calorie diet and guess what? No, I’m not hungry but I did forget the drops at home and I am working an hour away. I emailed my support person she said don’t worry you will be fine. And it’s 2:30pm and I really am fine. I ate my allotted lunch. Still no excessive hunger and no headache! I will keep you posted…

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